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VeinFree.com: This is the official site for the Vein Center of Lift Laser & Body-- Chicago Metro area’s premier center for minimally invasive leg vein treatment.

Leg veins are a focus of ours and that has allowed us to become "super specialists" in this area offering the latest advances and technologies available today. Chicago metro area residents can now enjoy a vein free life thanks to the latest advances in vein treatment technology.


Whether it’s annoying spider veins or painful unattractive varicose veins, we have the latest and best treatments for you.


Get rid of unsightly and uncomfortable veins:

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We pride ourselves on offering many different types of vein treatment and vein removal technologies under one roof. The advantage of this is that it allows us to use the technology that is right for you rather than resorting to a one size fits all approach. It also allows us to mix technologies to optimize your results.

For example, we are one of the few centers in the country that can provide varicose vein treatment by both laser and radiofrequency. For spider veins, we may use laser treatment or sclerotherapy. It all depends on your specific situation and also your preferences. Often these technologies can actually be combined and result in the best outcome possible to restore the vein free legs you wish you had. Our aim is always to provide the safest, most effective procedure with the least amount of down time. That is our mission. It is a mission that we take very seriously.

Because of our unique approach to vein treatment we have patients coming to see us from around the country. We invite you to educate yourself by browsing through our website and, even better, to make an appointment to meet our medical director, Dr. Joffrey. Our Chicago metro area medical center is a state-of-the art facility where Chicago metro area residents and visitors can find a not only the latest vein treatment technologies but also a professional and very friendly staff.


Vein treatment, if symptomatic, is often covered by insurance.


If you prefer not to use insurance, we will provide you with a free vein screening. Simply put, there is no reason not to visit us and see what we can do for you. We look forward to helping you take the first step to being vein free!

Vein disease is a condition that not only affects Chicago metro area residents’ but a vast population worldwide. Vein disease can affect bot women and men alike almost regardless of their age group. If not treated promptly, vein disease can progress and create severe medical conditions. That is why Dr. Joffrey and his Chicago metro area staff are committed to giving you the best vein treatment possible to help you alleviate the pain and discomfort that can be caused by varicose veins  and spider veins and to help restore your health in the less invasive way possible.

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Do you experience discomfort, swelling & varicose veins?

About 25 million of Americans suffer from vein related pain and discomfort. Varicose and spider veins can even appear in teenagers.

Heredity is a cause of venous reflux disease – If a close relative have had vein problems, you're likely to suffer from the same so as patients who are overweight or women who have had multiple children, menopause and hormonal therapy are more susceptible.

Your lifestyle, particularly physical activity, can also be a determining factor. People whose occupations require them to stand up for long periods of time are at a higher risk.

Venous reflux disease never will be cured by itself, it will only worsen unless it is treated. The VNUS ClosureFAST™ minimally invasive catheter represents the latest technology which is available to Chicago metro area residents at Lift Laser and Body. This Chicago metro area center also offers additional cutting age technologies to help you solve your vein problems.

Finding a solution to leg pain and varicose veins


The first step to solve vein problems is to schedule an appointment with a vein specialist. At Chicago metro area’s Lift Laser and Body center you will find not only qualified and friendly staff but a wide range of technologies available to help you solve your vein problems.

During a physical exam, we will check your legs while you are standing. Your doctor may also suggest that you have a painless ultrasound scan to check the blood flow in your leg veins.

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Love your legs again with the help of Lift Laser and Body!


Vein Test & Diagnosis

After you describe your symptoms, the doctor will examine your legs in a standing position and may request additional testing such as an ultrasound test, a non-invasive examination that provides an image of the circulatory system in the leg.

TMagnetic Resonance Imaging test may be ordered to pinpoint the source of the symptoms. Patients exhibiting the signs or symptoms of varicose veins may request a referral to a specialist performing the VNUS Endovenous Closure procedure.


Vein Treatments

Spider veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, in which the veins are injected with a chemical solution that seals the vein walls. They can also be treated with lasers that are non-invasive, which work in the same way.

For severe cases of varicose veins the traditional approach is vein stripping. This is a procedure that involves general anesthesia and where the diseased primary vein is literally pulled out of the body. Vein stripping generally produces pain as well as bruising after the surgery and requires a long and uncomfortable and painful recovery.

Vein stripping is today considered obsolete and has been replaced with new and minimally invasive technology that successfully treats severe cases in a doctor’s office under local anesthetic in very short time. These new techniques are extreme effective and much less painful and traumatic.

Physicians that use the VNUS ClosureFAST™ catheter, report that most patients return to their normal activities almost immediately following the procedure, with little or no pain afterwards.


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